A Tool for Greening Our Society
Welcome to the Green Intellectual Property Project !

The Green Intellectual Property (GIP) Project aims at greening our
society through two activities;

This website is the gateway for these activities of the GIP Project.  The first activity, the
implementation of the GIP System, gets across to a wide variety of policymakers -- patent
proponents, patent opponents, economists, environmentalists, sociologists, and
you.  The
second activity, the promotion of green patent applications, provides a clue of legal
supports to the inventors of green technologies.
July 25, 2008. IP-Watch Inside Views: Patent Insurance Scheme: A substantive,
sustainable and price-uncoupled financial resource for the WHO Global Strategy
The Patent Insurance Scheme, which Geneva-based IP consulting group Green IP Project
has proposed, would likely create a substantive, sustainable and price-uncoupled financial
resource for the sake of the implementation of the WHO Global Strategy. [
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June 27, 2008. IP-Watch Inside Views: Green Intellectual Property Scheme: An
innovation today for innovations tomorrow
Since the current IP framework has been shaped in wealthy societies of the North
accompanied by fertile markets, the North is required to rebuild the frame if they attempt to
expand it to the South without substantial markets.  The revamped regime, namely the
"Green Intellectual Property (Green IP)" scheme or more explicitly the "Patent Insurance"
scheme, would call for maintaining a reliable and sustainable patent system and assuring
unimpeded access to socio/ecological needs or "green" technologies while "insuring"
strong patent protections and consequently stimulating R&Ds even for unexploited
markets. [
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December 1, 2008. IP Finance: Patent Insurance: A financial prescription for
neglected diseases?
On November 19th, WHO appointed the expert working group as a response to the Global
Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property adopted
at its Assembly in this May.  One of the group's main tasks is to find new funding
mechanisms fostering needed medical research on neglected diseases and ensuring
unimpeded access to necessary meditations irrespective of commercial profitability for
developing nations.  The working group would likely find an answer with the Patent
Insurance scheme. [
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Patent Insurance
at a glance:
It is the central
measure in the
Green IP
scheme. [
February, 2009. Patent World magazine, London
Patent Insurance: A future legitimacy for fostering true innovations and ensuring
access to them
In the face of growing criticism over the patent protection of essential innovations, typically
medicines and green technologies, and resultantly diminishing societal trust over the
patent regime, the biggest challenge of patent policymaking is to address the global
concerns about accessibility to patented products and need-based research incentive for
public benefit rather than profit motive. [
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April, 2009. Submission to WHO/Expert Working Group on R&D Financing
Recent articles in several newspapers and journals suggest that a growing number of
intellectual property (IP) specialists have started deeming the "Patent Insurance" or "Green
IP" scheme to be one of the most practical and feasible proposals even in challenging
economic conditions, in which members of the Expert Working Group must find their
solution.  The scheme is featured concisely but sufficiently in Chapter I in the first page,
which is followed by detailed contents to demonstrate that the proposal is economically
(Chapter II) and legally (Chapter III) sound.  If members of the Group seriously intended to
find a blueprint, they would be strongly encouraged to consider the Green IP scheme.  To
this end, the Green IP Project (, working here in Geneva next to the WHO,
would be very delighted to assist the Group and other potentially interested parties in
designing a renovation of the global regime for intellectual property. [
WHO site] [draft]
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Second-Coming-of-Doha Campaign

                 Latest Comprehensive Report, September, 2010

With the aim of mitigating the global IP frictions, this campaign intends to assist possibly
interested WTO Members in broaching a request toward the TRIPS Council to establish a
working committee for feasibility studies over introducing a new financial measure into the
TRIPS Agreement.  An envision of such measure is creation of the International Bank for
Intellectual Property (IBIP), which is proposed as an affiliated entity of WTO to operate the
knowledge allocation mechanism offering financial support to Members under unfavored IP
setting.  [
brief, updated] [full version, updated] [Q&A]
June, 2009. IPKat Weblog: International Bank of Intellectual Property (IBIP): A
proposal for knowledge liberalization
This summer, a crowd of patent opponents and proponents will be descending on Geneva
when international organizations in the city convene a series of meetings to explore future
legitimacy for the global regime of patent protection.  The participants will address a wide
variety of increasing patent disputes, but they seem to amount to one of the most primitive
questions -- do we truly need patent?  To answer this question, policymakers are strongly
encouraged to consider the International Bank of Intellectual Property (IBIP), which has
been recently proposed in the course of working with the World Health Organization over
public health, innovation and intellectual property. [
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International Fund for Innovation (IFI) Initiative

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